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Hendrick's Appraisal Services provides residential appraisals for a variety of purposes including foreclosure/REO, estate planning, divorce, pre-listing value opinion, condemnation, partial-interest valuations, assest appeals, residential investment, expert witness, date of death valuations and relocations.

Listed below are our typical fees for mortgage appraisals.  Contact us to discuss your specific needs today. This is not an official fee quote, you must call or email in order to receive an appropriate fee quote with respect to your needs. This is only an example!

Single Family Residential $350
Duplex $550
Tri-Plex $600
4-Plex $600
Exterior Only Appraisal FNMA 2055 $300
Appraisal Update $250
Relocation Appraisal $550
Land Appraisal $350
Desk Review $150
Field Review $450
Completion Certificate $150